Sharp Multi media Projector technology. Bright and high picture quality!

When selecting either the Notevision™ or SharpVision™ projector range, you’ll have the latest, most sophisticated technology to help you make every presentation a brilliant success!

Specially designed boardroom multimedia presentations, Sharp LCD and DLP Projectors are perfect business partners because they’re light, handy and equipped with outstanding yet user-friendly features. You’ll get sharp, clear images, vibrant colours even in lit rooms and powerful stereo surround sound...In addition Sharp multimedia Projectors are easy to connect and mount. So Wherever you are, whatever you do...if you need to make an unforgettable impression, do it with Sharp! SharpVision™ Projectors bring dynamic Big-Screen entertainment to your home.

With SharpVision™, revel in brilliantly magnified pictures and dynamic theatre stereo surround sound.....with our advanced DLP Projectors designed to recreate the magic of cinema in your home. User friendly features make it fun for the entire family and you’ll love the lightweight portability too! So discover a new dimension in home entertainment, with Sharp.

A projector should always be evaluated in your setting to ensure its brightness and image quality meets your requirements, so please contact us at Sharp for your nearest specialised dealer.
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